Monday, May 4, 2015

Cherry Ames Visiting Nurse and Cruise Nurse

In Cherry Ames #8, Cherry Ames, Visiting Nurse, Cherry and all of her friends (how convenient!) get positions with the Visiting Nurse Service of New York.  The girls rent an apartment in Greenwich Village.

Most of the girls are disappointed in their apartment.  They are angry with Gwen, who rented it.  I'm used to protagonists making the best of a bad situation, and I personally didn't see what was so awful about the rooms.  Were they actually expecting to board in a fancy place?  Finally, the girls get past their displeasure.

On page 111, "paper handkerchiefs" were mentioned.  Of course, nowadays, we call them "tissue" or "Kleenex."

On page 116, we learn that in Miss Culver's home "[w]ell-chosen books, borrowed without cost from the public library, lay on her table."  I thought that the description of "well-chosen books" was interesting.  I suppose all of us would choose our books well, but what is "well-chosen" to one person would not be to another.  

I greatly enjoyed this book.  In fact, I wish that Cherry had been a visiting nurse in more than one book.  I really like the setting.

In Cherry Ames #9, Cherry Ames, Cruise Nurse, Cherry collapsed from exhaustion from her visiting nurse job and was sent home to rest.  A cruise was recommended, so Cherry gets a temporary job as a cruise nurse.

I was glad that an explanation was given for Cherry to leave her visiting nurse job in order to become a cruise nurse.

The expository information was a bit much for me, which has been the case with most of the Cherry Ames books.  I am not at all interested in nursing, so lengthy descriptions of nursing technique is boring to me.  Also, Cherry gets extremely sentimental every time she leaves home for another job, and sometimes, this goes on for several pages.  I find it uninteresting and end up skimming those scenes in the books.

Timmy is so much like Bobby from the Trixie Belden series, so much so that it is uncanny.  I wondered if Julie Tatham wrote this book instead of Helen Wells.  I immediately quit reading and ran some searches in the Yahoo! Groups, and sure enough, I learned that Julie Tatham wrote Cherry Ames, Cruise Nurse, even though Helen Wells is credited as the author.

I greatly enjoyed this book.

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