Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Cherry Ames at Spencer and Night Supervisor

In Cherry Ames #10, Cherry Ames at Spencer, a man is accused of a crime he did not commit.  Cherry seeks to prove his innocence, or something like that.

To be honest, I didn't read most of this book.  I found the expository information to be excessively boring.  I was so bored that I quit reading the book a few chapters in and read Brandon Mull's Five Kingdoms series.  I then tried to continue reading this book but was so very bored.  I tried skimming and couldn't get to anything that seemed interesting.  I decided to go on to the next book.

In Cherry Ames #11, Night Supervisor, Cherry goes to work at a rural hospital that is understaffed and in great need of money.  The hospital was to receive a large sum in a man's will, but he changed his will.  Soon, Cherry has reason to believe that the will was not changed and is missing.

The beginning of this book also bored me, almost as much as all of Cherry Ames at Spencer.  I can only read series successfully when I do not allow myself to read other books in between titles.  Since I let myself read the Five Kingdoms series, I ruined my enjoyment of Cherry Ames.  I enjoyed the Five Kingdoms books far more than I am enjoying Cherry Ames.

I ended up having to skim a lot of this book.  Finally, the book began to interest me sometime past halfway through the story.  I skimmed some of the later part of the story, but at least I was able to enjoy some of it.  I felt as I reached the end of this book that my Five Kingdoms experience was losing its hold and that I would be able to enjoy the next Cherry Ames book.

I also want to mention that I do not like Midge.  The reader is supposed to like her, but I don't.  I also don't like Dr. Joe.  My negative reaction to both characters, who are very important to Cherry, make it harder for me to enjoy these books.

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