Saturday, May 30, 2015

Cherry Ames Department Store Nurse and Camp Nurse

In Cherry Ames #18, Cherry Ames, Department Store Nurse, Cherry takes a position as a nurse in a New York department store.  Cherry becomes friendly with Mrs. Julian, an employee in an antique shop inside the department store.  After several valuable items disappear, Mrs. Julian comes under suspicion.  Cherry works to prove Mrs. Julian's innocence.

As this book began, I was disappointed that Cherry was not still at the boarding school.  I wish that Cherry had held some of her positions for more than one book, which would have added better continuity to the series.  It was jarring that Cherry abruptly left the boarding school in the middle of the school year to take a job in a department store during December.

I enjoyed most of this book.  Near the end, I began to grow bored, and I skimmed most of the last couple of chapters.

In Cherry Ames #19, Cherry Ames, Camp Nurse, Cherry nurses in a camp for girls.  This is one of those books that I couldn't enjoy.

The book begins with too many characters introduced too quickly.  The first two chapters introduce the reader to at least 20 people, and several share the same last name.  Several have similar first names.  Two characters are named Ruth.  How can the reader be expected to keep up with all of these people?

Cherry seems to think Mac is Jack Waldron, the missing cashier who was accused of theft.  But on page 118 when Mac admits he is Jack, Cherry is surprised, like she has forgotten what she suspected. Cherry, what is wrong with you?

I didn't like this book.

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