Monday, March 2, 2015

Ken Holt #11 Grinning Tiger and #12 Vanishing Magician

In Ken Holt #11, The Mystery of the Grinning Tiger, Timothy Crandall, the world's youngest millionaire, is whisked away in a limousine after he arrives in the United States.  Ken and Sandy think something strange is going on.  When they reach the Crandall estate, they are forbidden from speaking to Timothy, even though Timothy knows them.  The boys notice some strange events near the estate and fear that Timothy has been kidnapped.

It is strange how in one book after another, the Allens are slow to accept Ken's theories about possible crimes and even subject him to ridicule.  Over and over, Ken is proved to be correct.

I enjoyed this book.  As usual, I skimmed some of the falling action as well as some of the scene where the villains get captured.  I'm always eager to move on to the next book.

In Ken Holt #12, The Mystery of the Vanishing Magician, Magnus the Magician performs in Brentwood High School.  Bert is certain that he recognizes Magnus as Chris Bell, a man who saved his life several years ago.  Magnus denies it and then vanishes before the performance is over.  Magnus later ends up in the hospital, where it is confirmed that he is Chris Bell.  Ken and the Allens learn that Chris Bell is wanted for the robbery of a jewelry store, and Bert knows he is innocent.  Ken and Sandy set out to prove it. 

This book really interested me.  I only skimmed just a little bit here and there.  I even enjoyed the lengthy discussions and deductions, which I had found tiring in earlier books.  For whatever reason, I greatly enjoyed the deductions.  The ending of the book is quite thrilling, and the falling action does not drag. I greatly enjoyed this book.

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