Saturday, February 28, 2015

Power Boys #3 The Mystery of the Burning Ocean

Mr. Power and the boys are in the Bahamas enjoying a vacation.  Jack and Chip help an injured man on the beach, and a short time later find the guest house owner tied up in her office.  Mrs. Wilson does not want the police told; she is certain that she will lose business if anyone hears about the trouble.  Jack and Chip are intrigued and glad when Mr. Power has to leave on an assignment.

Whew!  Those lucky boys.  They manage to get rid of dad so easily at the start of each book.

So that you won't be kept in suspense, the title of this book is about... nothing.  There is no "burning ocean."  The book is named for a single paragraph in the book that has nothing to do with the plot. 

In Chapter 4, the boys actually have a coherent discussion that lasts for several pages without them yelling at each other or taking great offense over nothing.  Perhaps the boys have taken some medication for their mood disorders.  Maybe there is hope for them.

On page 75, "Chip looked at Jack.  It was plain he didn't again want to say something of which his older brother would disapprove.  He was leaving it up to Jack to answer."  Wow, I'm speechless.  Since when does Chip care what Jack thinks?  This is so normal and so refreshing. 

Throughout most of the book, the fighting between Jack and Chip is greatly toned down.  Either this book has a different author, or the author was told to tone it down.  Towards the end of the book, the boys seem to argue more, but the arguing isn't nearly as annoying or significant as the arguing in the first two books.

I don't know what happened, but this book actually has a decent story and is an improvement over the first two books.  The book could have been written better and does have flaws, but in spite of that, the story is enjoyable.  I will continue to the fourth book. 

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