Friday, November 28, 2014

Rick Brant #1 Rocket's Shadow, #2 Lost City, and #3 Sea Gold

In Rick Brant #1, The Rocket's Shadow, the scientists at Spindrift Island plan to launch a rocket to the moon.  If they are the first to do so, then they will win a $2 million dollar grant.  Rick soon suspects that someone on the island is sabotaging the project.

I like how the book is fast-paced and doesn't get hung up on minute details.  Yes, Ken Holt, I'm thinking about you.  Predictably, Rick and Scotty are captured, but it doesn't take forever for them to get free.  As in, Rick and Scotty get to the point much faster than Ken and Sandy usually do.

As expected, I didn't care that much about the rocket or certain parts of the plot.  However, I still enjoyed the story.  I like the setting of Spindrift Island and found this to be an enjoyable book.

In Rick Brant #2, The Lost City, Rick goes on an expedition to Tibet along with Scotty and two of the scientists.  The plan is to bounce a message from Spindrift Island to the moon and then down to Tibet.  Soon after Rick, Scotty, and the scientists depart, they realize that someone is trying to sabotage the mission.

On page 24, Scotty cleans his rifle and says "maybe I'll get a shot at a wild goat, or maybe a panda."  How times have changed.  Nowadays, a children's book wouldn't have a character talking about shooting a panda, since pandas are endangered.

I enjoyed this book more than I did the first book.  This book has less science, which helped.  The plot progresses nicely and is interesting. 

In Rick Brant #3, Sea Gold, Rick and Scotty take jobs at a plant that will harvest minerals from the ocean.  The fishermen from a nearby town are opposed to the plant, believing that it will harm fishing.  The plant has been plagued by problems, and it is apparent that someone is sabotaging it.

There was a bit too much science in this book for my taste.  I skimmed some of it, because I didn't understand it at all.  Towards the end, I understood how the electrodes would collect the metal since I have seen that in action, but the more technical aspects made no sense to me.

Some of the fight and chase scenes towards the end were a little too much as well.  Otherwise, I enjoyed the story.  The second half of the book is quite suspenseful and fast-paced.

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Alan likes books said...

Thank you for your reviews of Rick Bryant. I have been reading them as I read the books. I enjoy reading another readers viewpoint. I found 2 to be enjoyable, if dated. I think three was a good balance of science and adventure. I live near the Great Salt Lake, where sea mining is done, though with much more primitive methods than used in the books.