Saturday, November 8, 2014

Nancy Drew Diaries #7 The Phantom of Nantucket

In Nancy Drew Diaries #7, The Phantom of Nantucket, Nancy, Bess, and George visit Nantucket Island in Massachusetts.  Their friend, Jenna, has an exhibit opening at the museum, but the exhibit is being sabotaged!  Nancy tries to find the saboteur.

This is another of the typical Simon and Schuster sabotage mysteries, of which most modern Nancy Drew mysteries seem to be.  This book reminds me of the Nancy Drew Digest book, The Secret Lost at Sea, which centered around a museum in Connecticut that was being sabotaged.

George is more excited about food than Bess.  I still don't get the George thing with food.  At least quantities are not mentioned, so I will assume that while George loves to eat that she doesn't eat incredibly large amounts like in the first books in this series.  At least I hope not.

Even though this is the typical sabotage mystery, I enjoyed it.  I guessed the culprit rather early in the story.  I have noticed a trend in the Nancy Drew Diaries books where the stories tend to take unexpected turns.  I knew exactly who the culprit was by keeping that in mind along with noting some obvious clues that were presented early in the text.

This is an enjoyable book.

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