Friday, November 21, 2014

German Three Investigators The Haunted Ship and Valley of Horror

In The Haunted Ship, the book opens with Peter and Kelly fighting as they drive after dark on a road near the shore.  Suddenly, a woman jumps out in front of them, insisting that they come down to the beach to see something.  The woman is terrified after seeing a ghost ship.  Peter tells the boys what happened, so they launch an investigation.

On page 15, we learn that the boys get to use the trailer in exchange for doing chores in junkyard.  The trailer is not a secret in these books.

I noticed that the units of measurement are in the British system, where yards is used instead of meters.  One of the previous books used meters.  Yards is more appropriate than meters for a book said to be in American English.

This book contains several expletives including sh**.  The expletives are used quite sparingly.

This book is outstanding and is comparable to many of the books from the original Three Investigators series.

In Valley of Horror, Ms. Sullivan asks the boys for help.  She drove through the Valley of Horror, but she can remember nothing.  All she knows is that she saw an Indian wearing a mask, and then she woke up the next morning.  She has bad dreams with images of events that might have happened to her in the Valley of Horror.  Ms. Sullivan is terrified.  The boys soon learn of other victims, so they decide to drive through the Valley of Horror late at night.

This book contains expletives including sh**, bull****, and s***less.  The expletives are used sparingly.

On pages 121 and 122, someone is described in such a way that I believe we are supposed to think of Alfred Hitchcock.

This book is outstanding and is also very much like an original Three Investigators book.

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