Friday, March 14, 2014

Nancy Drew #128 Royal Tower, #129 Baby-Sitter Burglaries, and #130 Sign of the Falcon

In Nancy Drew #128, The Treasure in the Royal Tower, Nancy, Bess, and George vacation at Wickford Castle, home to the Butter Ridge ski resort in Wisconsin.  Shortly after their arrival, the library is vandalized, and Nancy and George get trapped on an elevator.  Wickford Castle was originally built in France and was moved to Wisconsin piece by piece.  Nancy soon suspects that the castle holds a valuable secret from France, and that somebody is searching for it.

This is one of the books that was made into a Nancy Drew game.

This is an interesting story.  I didn't make any notes about it, but I enjoyed the book from beginning to end.

In Nancy Drew #129, The Baby-Sitter Burglaries, Nancy, Bess, and George try to find out who has been burglarizing homes in River Heights.  Strangely, their friend, Juanita, baby-sat in each of the homes prior to the burglaries, and her boyfriend helped install the security system in each home.  Juanita and her boyfriend are the primary suspects, and the girls hope to find evidence that will exonerate them.

On page 2 with respect to Bess and George, "Nancy felt as if she'd been friends with both of them forever."  Yeah, since 1931 when the three girls visited Shadow Ranch.

On page 16, Officer Brody is back to his usual sarcastic self.

This book starts off with Bess baby-sitting a bunch of extremely wild kids in a house.  The kids grab cereal and dump it on the carpet, and the girls do nothing except begin picking it up as the kids continue to destroy the house.  I cannot stand that scene.  I have a memory of not liking it the last time I read the book.

I did not enjoy The Baby-Sitter Burglaries.

In Nancy Drew #130, The Sign of the Falcon, Carson Drew is missing in New York City.  Nancy, Bess, George, and Aunt Eloise try to find out what happened to him. 

On page 56, Nancy finally wonders if Carson has been kidnapped.  It took her awhile!  I guess she thought he was wandering around the city lost or something.  Of course he was abducted!

This book is very suspenseful and very enjoyable.  The mystery is great and keeps the reader guessing.  All the reader knows is that Carson has been abducted.  The culprit is not obvious.  This book is very good, and the solution to the mystery is very creative.  I loved it!


joyce hambright said...

I am in search of a book that I read in approx 1979,it was a girls series mystery that had to do with a hidden attic that had jewelery hidden in a large box it involved one main girl character her two friends one boy and one girl. it might have had to do with her uncle also. any help is greatly appreciated.

Jennifer White said...

I wasn't sure, so I asked others if they knew of a book that would fit. The most likely one is Judy Bolton #2, The Haunted Attic, in that the details with the attic and jewelry fit.

Another one that could fit is Meg and the Disappearing Diamonds. Meg does have an uncle.

Another book mentioned is Trixie Belden and the Mystery of the Emeralds. Not all of the details fit, but it is worth checking out.

If nothing sounds right, go to this message board, and they might be able to help.


I bought the original version of this book "the baby sitter burglaries" and to my badluck , 6 pages of the book are blank and that too in the climax chapter. Pages 138,139,142,143,146 and 147 :( could someone help me out . I feel miserable not knowing the climax after reading the whole book :(