Sunday, March 23, 2014

Looking Ahead to the Next Two Months

This last week was spring break.  I had two goals: to get caught up on listing books for sale and to read as many Nancy Drew Digest books as I could.  I was hoping to get finished with the Digest books by today.  I succeeded, since I read #175 yesterday.  I have now written all reviews up through #175, even though the last few need to be proofread at least one more time.  Most of them have already been scheduled to be published, staggered every two or three days.

In addition to the reviews, I have also written a summary post about the Nancy Drew Digest series.

I have already begun reading the Nancy Drew Girl Detective series.  I knew that I would get to the Girl Detective books by the end of March, so earlier this year I stepped up my efforts in acquiring the last titles needed.

I quit buying the Girl Detective books new at around #10 because most books I was seeing had defects.  I had to quit buying from Amazon because of the defects, then I couldn't find nice copies in local stores.  If I was going to have to pay $5 or more per book, I wanted a perfect copy.  I began purchasing the books used as I found them.

I was down to around five titles at the beginning of the year.  I stepped up my efforts and reduced that number to just two by earlier this month.  I decided to go online for the last two to make certain that I have them in time.  The books were still going to cost at least $3 each as used copies including postage, and the sellers had no condition description.  I decided it would be safer to purchase the last two books new from Amazon.  I did so yesterday, and I should have the books within the next seven to ten days.

My goal is to read the entire Nancy Drew Girl Detective series and the Nancy Drew Diaries series by the end of May at the latest, preferably sooner if possible.  The only way I can get through the books fast is to avoid reading anything else.  When I allow myself to read something else, I end up getting sidetracked for one or more months.  I will never get these books read if I allow myself to read other books.  I have already denied myself at least three new releases since January that I very much want to read. 

When I finish the Diaries series, I will read the new releases.  I know what will happen:  I will most likely be reading contemporary books until around July.  Once I get past that, my plan is to read the entire Three Investigators series from start to finish followed by possibly the original text Hardy Boys books.  Whether I write reviews of those books remains to be seen, but hopefully I will.

In the next two months, you will most likely not see a lot of content in this blog other than the many reviews of the Nancy Drew series.  April and May are the two most hectic and emotionally draining months for me.  I am very glad that I have so many reviews written, because this blog will have continuous new content for a number of weeks.

I will probably not be listing many books for sale in the next two months.  I'm sure I will list some, but likely not very many.  As always, if you purchase books from me, they will be mailed by the end of the next business day regardless of how busy I am.  I may not get around to leaving positive feedback for a number of weeks, but the books will be mailed fast.

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