Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Nancy Drew #125 Teen Model, #126 Rare Book, and #127 Dangerous Solution

In Nancy Drew #125, The Teen Model Mystery, Nancy and Bess travel to Chicago to visit Cindy Sutherland, who is a model.  The girls knew Cindy back in River Heights.  Cindy disappears just before an important new job, and the girls must find her. Meanwhile, Cindy's photo shoot is sabotaged.

This one was okay.  While I found it interesting, I didn't appreciate that Cindy was missing before we ever met her.  I care more about a missing person when I get to know that person a bit first.

By halfway into the book, the book had captivated me, and I enjoyed the rest of the story.  The solution to the mystery was interesting.

In Nancy Drew #126, The Riddle in the Rare Book, Nancy investigates a series of thefts of valuable antique books.  Meanwhile, Bess becomes infatuated with Richard Munro, a man who writes poetry.  Bess soon becomes an obsessed writer of romantic poetry.

Nancy, Bess, and George are all present during this mystery, and Ned makes a brief appearance.  We don't want readers to forget that Nancy actually does have a boyfriend.

This book has everything and delivers on so many levels.

At the bottom of page 11, Hannah is astonished that some books are worth $2,000.
Hannah's jaw dropped. "Who on earth would pay that money for a book?" she asked, amazed.

"Book collectors," Carson Drew answered.

"Exactly," Nancy said.
Bess writes this wonderful, wacky poetry.  Here is a poem from page 35.
Oh, my dear sweetheart
When we are apart
I want you near
My sweetheart my dear.
So let us start
and eat an apple tart.
Today our love begins.
Priceless and so very Bess.  In fact, Nancy's critique consists of "It's so very... you."

On page 64, a collector describes her collection.
"I collect children's books," Risa said, "from the eighteenth century to the present day.  You can have a look.  Just be careful with the old ones."
Neat!  That means Risa must have some old Nancy Drew books.  Oh, wait... never mind.

This book is wonderful in all ways.  The story is quite creative and has absolutely nothing to do with sabotage.  It is outstanding from start to finish.  I loved it!

In Nancy Drew #127, The Case of the Dangerous Solution, George works at a local pharmacy delivering prescription drugs to patients.  Soon, George and everyone else who works at the pharmacy is under suspicion.  One customer has died and two others have taken ill after receiving their prescriptions.  Nancy suspects sabotage and works to find the culprit as quickly as she can before others become ill.

The death is quite unusual for the main Nancy Drew series.  Deaths are typical in the Nancy Drew Files but not for the regular Nancy Drew stories.  I wonder whether the plot was originally created for the Nancy Drew Files series.

On page 142, Nancy stands on a cardboard box.  It must have been a super heavy duty box, because in my experience, cardboard boxes usually won't hold an adult's weight.

I really enjoyed this book.

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TheMightyJeffers said...

Riddle in the Rare Book is one of my favorites! compelling and interesting all the way thru.