Friday, August 21, 2009

Some Interesting eBay Prices

Here is a complete set of Nancy Drew books in dust jacket that sold for $920.75. This is $24.53 per book. In recent months, complete sets in dust jackets have sold for $200.00 to $450.00, and a reseller usually wins the auction. It looks like most of the bidders on this lot were people who wanted the books for their collections.


Original Nancy Drew Lobby card - Trouble Shooter 1939 Item #270437213602

This one is incredible. A lobby card from one of the old Nancy Drew films sold for an amazing $1,324.99. These lobby cards always sell for high amounts, but the last ones that I can remember sold for around $500.00 each.



This lot of 16 ordinary picture covers from the 1970s sold for $130.06. WHAT? That is $8.13 per book, and the books have stickers on the spines. The seller stated that the stickers could be removed, but how can the buyer be sure? The dull matte picture covers are often damaged by stickers, even when lighter fluid is used to soften the adhesive. If these books were shiny ones from the early 1960s, then probably the stickers would come off. I am skeptical about these. Why would a buyer pay close to $10.00 per book for ordinary books that are not in very good shape?

Okay, well, the seller did say that volume one is worth $89.00. Um, $0.89 would be more accurate and maybe up to $5.00. Did the bidders actually believe that? This is a good example of when to be skeptical of a seller's claims. Perhaps someone has listed a matte picture cover of #1 for $89.00 somewhere on the internet, but I doubt that anyone will ever buy it.


Paula said...

Hi, Jennifer,
I couldn't believe the price of the last item you mentioned! I wouldn't even look twice at that set of books - they are not early PC's and their condition is obvioulsy not very good. Does anyone have a theory on why these went for such a high price?

Jennifer White said...

The buyers must have gotten caught up in the bidding war, but it is incomprehensible why they would do it on fair condition ordinary books.

I have bought many lots with books like these, but only because I was buying library bindings or Wanderer hardcover editions, and library bindings and Wanderer hardcover editions tend to be mixed in with really horrible books. This lot had no special bindings or Wanderer hardcover editions, so there was no reason for the bidding war.

Like you, I would never purchase books like these unless something special were in the lot. For people wanting reading copies, this lot would be desirable, but only for a very low price.

While listings like this one are going too high, I am noticing many genuinely scarce books going for ridiculously low prices. It is happening to many items. I really should do a post on some of the low results.

Anonymous said...

"Nancy Drew, Trouble Shooter"? What is she, a therapist? An office girl? A computer from the future? xD