Monday, November 10, 2008

More on eBay's Search Problems

I am frustrated with eBay's search. The results are still inconsistent, and items are still missing from search. I just reloaded the search multiple times with the results changing between 2868, 2869, 2871, 2873, 2870, 2867, 2872, and 2867. These results are very close, so it shouldn't be a big deal, right? But what if that one item that I would want to buy is one of the six items that is not showing in all of the results pages?

Last night I did a search for Nancy Drew under title and description. Near the bottom of the third page was a Connie Blair book. After I clicked on the link to the next page, I saw the same Connie Blair book listed several down from the top on the fourth page. This annoys me. No doubt several dropped items were missing on my previous pages and were added back into my results when I went to the next page, thus shifting the Connie Blair book from the third to the fourth page. The problem is that I was already to the fourth page, so I missed those dropped items. I went back to the first page and reloaded, but I had trouble getting consistent results with the slightly higher number of items. I don't have the patience to reload each page five to ten times to try to see all of the items.

I am still using eBay's old search, because I refuse to use eBay's new search until they force me to use it. Sometime recently, they did opt me into the new search, but I opted out. I'm not going there. I just read on eBay's message boards that some people who are using new search are unable to see any of the results pages except for the very first one. This is not good. New buyers will automatically be opted into the new search and won't realize that they can opt out. As a result, new buyers will never see all of the results.

PayPal also has a nasty glitch. Many payments that are sent by eCheck are showing up as unclaimed in the seller's account, even after the eCheck has cleared. The sellers are only able to get their money after calling PayPal customer service and having someone manually release the payment. EBay has not mentioned this glitch on their announcements, which is most curious.

I may not sell anything until the end of the year because of all of these problems. As it is, I typically do not sell during December because I do not wish to deal with buyers who buy books around December 15, pay for media mail, and wait a week to tell me that they really, really, need the book for Christmas and where is it/what if it doesn't arrive on time? I avoid that by not selling.

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Anonymous said...

i've opted out many times. i find the old one easier to work with and find things. it's the reinvention of the wheel, imho.