Wednesday, November 12, 2008

An Interesting Adventure Girls Book

Around a year ago, I bought an A. L. Burt edition of one of the Adventure Girls books to upgrade one in my collection. Nearly all of the Adventure Girls books that come up for sale are the Saalfield reprints, so it is rather difficult to get the A. L. Burt books with intact dust jackets.

The book is The Adventure Girls in the Air, and I was quite surprised by something I noticed inside the book in the lower right corner of the front free endpaper.

"AUTHOR'S COPY" is ink-stamped on the front free endpaper. The only explanation that I can think of is that this book was one of the books that A. L. Burt sent to Clair Blank when the Adventure Girls series was first published. If so, this book is not only a true first printing, but more importantly, it was once the personal property of Clair Blank. How neat is that?


M said...

Here is a similar stamp, on what I believe to be a first printing of Reporter.

I'm not convinced that the books were Blank's personal copies, although they are very interesting nonetheless.

Jack C said...

Real neat Jenn-

I've been checking your ebay for any books you may be selling- Anything good coming up soon?


Jennifer White said...

I do have some good books to sell, but I'm not sure when they are going to get listed since I'm a bit busy right now.

I may list a small number of items soon. If not, then it may be at the end of December.

I do have at least one Nancy Drew Wanderer hardcover in dust jacket to sell, and it is not a library discard. I also have a few hardcover editions of some of the post-#56 Nancy Drew books, but they are library discards and not in that great of shape.

I have some very early and first printing Nancy Drew books that I'm holding onto until I think I will have better luck with them.

Jack C said...

Are you interested in selling of your hardcover post 56 Nancy Drew's off Ebay, or do you want to wait to list them? Let me know, I'm looking for hardcovers of the paperbacks-

Jennifer White said...

I don't want to mess with them at the moment, so I'll probably look at them in two or three weeks. About the only thing I might list is another complete set of Nancy Drew books. I'm holding off on everything else.

I have jury duty during the first week in December and that is weighing on my mind right now. I am trying to get everything figured out for the week that I'll miss work, and I hope it will only be one week.

In the meantime, I am trying to keep up a consistent flow of at least two to three posts in this blog each week, regardless of what else is going on.

Anonymous said...