Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Linda Carlton Boxed Set

I recently purchased a boxed set of the first three Linda Carlton books by Edith Lavell.

The boxed set was put out by Saalfield. I have had a similar boxed set of the Adventure Girls series for quite a long time. Notice that the spines of the books in this set match the design of the boxed set. Since the Saalfield boxed sets contain only three volumes, this must be the reason why volumes four and five from the Linda Carlton series were never reprinted, thus making them nearly impossible to find.

Below is a scan of the back panel of one of the Linda Carlton dust jackets.

Notice that each series listed on the back panel has three titles. Since I also have an Adventure Girls boxed set, I strongly suspect that each of these series was released by Saalfiend in a boxed set. It is quite unusual to have a boxed set survive 60 to 70 years, so they do not come up for sale very often.

I recently saw another Saalfield boxed set on eBay in which three unrelated titles were packaged together. Here is the seller's picture:

The three books are Bobs - A Girl Detective, The Valdmere Mystery, and The Sandalwood Boxes.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious to know if you've come across a particular book...

It's about a girl co-ed -- a freshman at college. She is going through sorority rush. She visits different houses and avoids joining a popular house that she thinks is too stiff and formal -- and instead decides on a house (Theta House possibly?) that is more comfortable. I remember the character specifically mentioning the comfortable furniture in the living area.

Does that ring a bell?? I'm trying to find the title and have looked on every vintage book page I can find.

I believe the book was from the 1950's -- but it could be anywhere from the 40's to the 60's.

Jennifer White said...

I have no idea. I suggest that you go to the BookSleuth page on the Advanced Book Exchange and ask the question there. I have heard that people do have some success when they ask about forgotten books in that forum.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I'll try there! I love your site, BTW. I, too, love the many wonderful girls series -- I also enjoy anything vintage Girl Scout & Campfire Girls -- and hope to start collecting.

I've bookmarked your site and will certainly be back!