Monday, June 30, 2008

THIS Is a RARE Nancy Drew Book!

I've mentioned the 1930A-1 book and dust jacket for the first Nancy Drew mystery, The Secret of the Old Clock in the last few days. I have commented that the 1930A-1 book with an intact dust jacket is the only Nancy Drew book that is actually RARE. The 1930A-1 dust jacket lists only three titles on the front flap. We know of fewer than ten surviving copies of the dust jacket. Another one has surfaced and is up for sale on eBay:


The auction is currently at $2,247.22. The seller is getting flooded with offers to sell off-eBay, and people do this because they know that they don't have a chance of winning the auction. The seller stated in a message to me that she had a $3,000.00 offer that came in during the night, but early bidding prevented her from ending the listing. This is why many collectors, including myself, will immediately bid on something like this book. If no one had bid last night, the seller might have ended the listing to sell it at $3,000.00. We all want to know what this book will bring in a fair and open auction.

The last one that was listed on eBay was sold privately to someone off-eBay for above the seller's reserve of $8,000.00. The seller would not reveal the selling price. I predict that this auction will easily top $10,000.00 if allowed to run to completion. Most bidding will occur in the last few minutes of the auction. The seller says that she will not end the auction, so if she does not succumb to temptation, this is going to be very interesting and could go down as the highest price ever paid for a Nancy Drew book.

Just think if all the Nancy Drew books that are listed on eBay everyday and are described as RARE. They sell for low prices up to a few hundred dollars. Truly RARE Nancy Drew books sell in the thousands of dollars!

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