Sunday, July 18, 2021

Late July Selling Update and Forthcoming Store Hiatus

This is a continuation of these two posts.

June 2021 Update on My Activities

July 2021 Update on My Activities

In my last post, I mentioned that my goal is to clear out enough books so that I can get my Bee Gees stuff displayed out in the open.  I had one bookshelf partially emptied, so I cleared off two more shelves.  I began pulling my Bee Gees stuff together. 

The image seen below is not how it looks currently.  I have actually removed the books from the top shelf since I took the photo.  I have to put photos in my posts before I write any text since Blogger places the photos randomly instead of where my cursor is located.  I expect in a year or so Blogger will shut down due to greatly decreased usage.  They'll have no clue that it will be their fault for ruining the interface.  If I didn't have over a decade's worth of posts, I'd already be long gone.  As it is, I'm barely posting anything.

Target has some nifty wooden boxes.  45 rpm records with picture sleeves fit into them, and those are on the second shelf from the top. 

I'm really excited that my songbooks fit into the boxes as well. 

For months, I have been at a loss as to what to do with the songbooks.  They are oversized and heavy and won't fit in most of my bookcases.  Finally, I have a place for them.

I also have some magazines, and I've purchased sleeves and backing boards for them.  I plan to put the magazines in the wooden boxes as well.

Last week, quite a few of my Etsy listings expired from when I reopened on March 12.  I renewed them, but I lowered some of the prices.  I lowered the prices of all of the Three Investigators paperback books.

I also listed a large number of Nancy Drew Files paperback books on Etsy.  I chose books where I could use the same description on most of them, saving me time.  The vast majority of the Files books have very light wear, no creasing at all, and are in excellent condition. 

I also listed quite a few Nancy Drew Digest paperback books.

Jennifer's Series Books on eBay

Jennifer's Series Books on Etsy

My oral surgery for the removal of two teeth is scheduled for August 3 (read the above linked posts for the backstory).  I go back to work on August 6.  At the beginning of any school year, I have a moderate autoimmune flare.  There is nothing I can do to avoid it.  The change in schedule and stress of getting back to work causes my thyroid to shut down temporarily, and this results in me not feeling that great for up to two months.  I repeat this process every year.  

The biggest problem is actually the brain fog and not anything else.  I can say and do some dumb things at times.  I hate it when I say something really stupid due to confusion, and then a couple minutes later I am chagrined after I realize what I said.  This is why I am quite open about my condition, since it causes me to look like a fool at times.

With the oral surgery just three days before I go back, I am certain that I will have a strong autoimmune flare this year.  That will result in a lot of brain fog and my two-month recovery time being a very difficult and dysfunctional experience.  

For that reason, I must close my eBay and Etsy stores again for the beginning of this school year.  I will close them on August 1 so that my last trip to the post office will be on August 2.  Since I can expect to have two months of not feeling well, I plan to keep both stores closed for at least two months.  I think fall break would be the time to reopen them, which will set the closure at 2 1/2 months.  

If you want something I have for sale, you have until August 1.  After that date, you will have to wait until I reopen.  

I believe I am now finished listing new items for this summer.  I just have two weeks before I close, so there isn't much point in listing anything else.

I am very pleased with the progress I have made this summer in freeing up some shelf space.  I am not going into local stores, and I am avoiding purchasing most bulk lots online.  I don't want my extra books to begin building up too much.  In spite of my strong resolve, I couldn't resist purchasing a bulk lot of Hardy Boys Digest hardcover library editions.  I didn't have some of them, and others could be upgrades.  Those books will take up some space, and if I can avoid buying too much else, then I will remain in great shape.

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