Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Tom Swift Inventors' Academy #3 Restricted Access

In Tom Swift Inventors' Academy #3, Restricted Access, Tom's class gets to spend the night locked in at Swift Enterprises.  The field trip is expected to be great fun, until Tom learns that he is to be shadowed by Rowan, the son of a reporter who wants to write a story about Tom and his school.  Rowan has a body camera, so everything Tom says and does will be recorded.  Soon, Rowan is the least of Tom's concerns when Swift Enterprises goes into an unexpected quarantine.

I don't want to spoil any plot specifics, but Tom does some exploring in this book that is a lot of fun.

Tom Swift is in the 7th grade, so these books are aimed at a younger audience than the Nancy Drew Diaries and Hardy Boys Adventures books.  The book is quick and easy to read.  It is a bit simplistic.  However, I consider it to be a stronger, more engaging story than most of the Nancy Drew Diaries books.  This book is also stronger than some of the Hardy Boys Adventures books.

As compared to the most recent entries in the Nancy Drew Diaries and Hardy Boys Adventures series, I enjoyed this Tom Swift book the best.  The only Tom Swift books that I have ever read are the three books in this set.  Since I have no preconceived ideas about Tom Swift, then I can enjoy the books for what they are.  With the Nancy Drew Diaries books, I cannot help comparing the books to what I think Nancy Drew should be, which results in me not liking many of them.

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