Monday, June 25, 2018

Outboard Boys #3 Pirate Beach and #4 Shark River

In the Outboard Boys #3, The Outboard Boys at Pirate Beach, the boys sell their boat and purchase a houseboat.  When an acqaintance, Mr. Stevens, is abducted, the boys set out in the houseboat to find him. The boys cross paths with the suspected culprits, and they themselves get captured as well.  Meanwhile, a crazy man roams around in the area, and the boys' houseboat is said to be haunted. Indeed, the boys hear a strange wailing sound and cannot identify the source.

The wailing sound in the houseboat is quite mysterious and intriguing.

The boys end up getting captured with two of them in the culprits' boat and one in the houseboat with one of the culprits.  Warren tricks his captor into singing in order to distract him.  This is hilarious.

Lewisson is the man who is crazy.  His behavior is amazingly entertaining and is also plausible.  Mental illness ran in the Garis family, so Roger Garis was quite capable of pulling it off.  I have read Leslie Garis' book, The House of Happy Endings, and it is apparent that Roger Garis himself suffered from mental illness.

This book is quite entertaining and is my favorite book in the set.

In the Outboard Boys #4, The Outboard Boys at Shark River, the Outboard Boys decide to purchase a racing boat.  They rescue a racer, and he helps them get the boat.  Jake Lawson also plans to compete in the boat races.  A man named Max Reba offers to help train the boys.  Max offers a lot of good advice, and it's clear that he is knowledgeable about racing. On one trial run, the boys figure out that Reba is trying to sabotage their boat.  They cut ties with Reba, and Reba begins training Jake Lawson.

While preparing for the races, the boys also investigate mysterious events in an old building.

This is my least favorite of the four books.  I was bored towards the end of the story and skimmed the last several chapters.

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