Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Girls of Canby Hall #25 The Ghost of Canby Hall and #26 Help Wanted!

In Girls of Canby Hall #25, The Ghost of Canby Hall, the diary of Julia Canby is on display in the library.  Jane becomes fascinated with the diary, reading it every chance she gets.  Jane is shocked one day when she sees the ghost of Julia Canby.  Soon, other girls are reporting sightings. Is the ghost real or a hoax?

I find it odd that the school allows the girls to handle an antique diary without keeping a close eye on them.

Andy acquires the habit of hiding behind a large potted palm in the hallway to eavesdrop and apparently not one girl ever notices her while walking by.  Exactly how big is this potted palm? It must be huge with lots of fronds.

I was hoping this book would be spooky, but it wasn't.  The book has the same tone as the rest of the books.

I did not like this book.

In Girls of Canby Hall #26, Help Wanted!, Jane, Andy, and Toby stay at Canby Hall for the summer.  They need jobs so that they can pay for their expenses, since the school will not be providing meals.  Jane finds the girls a job where they must clean and repair a large house before the owners return.  Jane is optimistic about the job, but the others fear that it is too much to handle.

Why would anyone hire three high school students to renovate and clean up a vacant house?  They even have to purchase furnishings for the house.

I enjoyed this book as a nice change of pace.

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Amanda said...

Liked 25 when I was a kid. I assume the giant plant hiding is in reference to old mysteries. People are always hiding behind plants. Just watch Scooby-Doo - it happens nearly episode.

26 is one of the few I don't remember reading. The cover doesn't look familiar.