Sunday, April 30, 2017

Christopher Pike Gimme a Kiss, Fall Into Darkness, and Scavenger Hunt

In Gimme a Kiss, Jane Retton decides to get revenge on her classmates.  Someone swiped Jane's diary, full of salacious content, and distributed copies all over the school.  Jane is furious, so she will make them pay by faking her own death.  What a logical reaction!

This book is hilarious.  It is outstanding.  I loved it as much as when I was a teenager.  Jane is awesome, and the humor is awesome.  I love everything about this book.  The story holds up quite well.

I will publish most Pike reviews in order by original publication, but here I deviate again. Gimme a Kiss was published in 1988, and Fall Into Darkness was published in 1990.  Even though the stories are unconnected, the books go together for obvious reasons.

In Fall Into Darkness, Ann Rice is dead, so far as anyone knows, and Sharon McKay is accused of her murder.  Sharon is innocent, but she may end up convicted of Ann's murder.  During Sharon's trial, her attorney reveals that Ann hated Sharon and planned to frame Sharon for her own murder. Could Ann be alive?

The hilarious part of this book is that Pike used his previous book, Gimme a Kiss, as Ann's inspiration for faking her own death.  Apparently Ann read Pike's Gimme a Kiss, where she got the idea.  Pike never mentions the book by name, but the physical description of the book and its plot summary match perfectly.

I enjoyed this book, although I found it much less suspenseful than the first time I read it.  After all, I remembered the ending.

In Scavenger Hunt, a secretive school club has organized a scavenger hunt for the senior class. Carl Timmons is on the same team as Cessy and Davey, who are siblings.  As the scavenger hunt progresses, Carl gradually realizes that something sinister is behind it.

I enjoyed this book years ago, but I did not like it at all this time.  It does not hold up well. This book is stupid and boring.

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