Thursday, January 5, 2017

Richie Tankersley Cusick Fatal Secrets and House Next Door

In Fatal Secrets, Ryan's sister Marissa falls through the ice and drowns.  Marissa was trying to tell her something just before she died, and Ryan realizes that Marissa had a secret.  Charles Eastman, a friend of Marissa's, arrives at Ryan's home to stay.  Ryan doesn't trust him, but her mother will not listen.  Frightening events occur, and Ryan feels like she is losing her mind.

I realized fairly early in the story that Ryan was being gaslighted.  I was quite engaged in the story as I tried to figure out who was involved. One character behaved so extremely suspicious that I knew he was involved, but other culprits were shocking.

Ryan saw her sister multiple times throughout the story.  It's not clear whether this was a sign of her mental breakdown or whether a spirit was involved.  It is not explained, and the reader must decide.

This is an excellent book.  Some scenes are scary and hilarious at the same time, like when Ryan is chased down a deserted street by Santa Claus.  This book would have made a perfect horror movie.

In The House Next Door, Emma's twin brother, Charlie, dares her to spend the night in the abandoned  house next door.  Soon after Emma enters the house, she meets a spirit and has a strange experience.

When Emma enters the house next door, she travels into the past in a similar fashion as what happens in the book The Twisted Room.

Emma and Charlie tease each other relentlessly.  I found it very annoying and juvenile.  Once both Emma and Charlie are thoroughly frightened by what is happening, the teasing lessens, which makes the story much better.

I did not care for the beginning of the book, but the last part is quite scary and thrilling.

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