Saturday, January 7, 2017

Dark Forces #13 The Curse, #14 Blood Sport, and #15 The Charming

In Dark Forces #13, The Curse, Dana is terrified because her 17th birthday is in three days. During her entire life, Dana has had nightmares about how she will be killed on her 17th birthday. Dana's nightmares worsen, and Dana soon realizes that she is an ancient Egyptian princess who has been reincarnated.

I did not like this book and skimmed most of it.  I felt disconnected from Dana and never cared at all about her.  The book is lacking everything that makes a book interesting to read.

In Dark Forces #14, Blood Sport, Bob is asked to join the Icarus Gymnastic Troupe.  The members travel from city to city doing public performances, and Bob wants the practice so that he can qualify for the Olympics.

Like the previous title in the set, the book is missing something.  I never felt interested in what happens to Bob and never cared about his predicament.

The story is overall good but I was never engaged.

In Dark Forces #15, The Charming, Kathy wants to be a famous actress.  Her boyfriend is in charge of the school play, and Kathy is furious when another girl is chosen for the lead role.

Kathy is approached by an agent, who promises that she can make Kathy famous.  Kathy must agree to two conditions:  She must tell no one about the arrangement, and she must obey all commands.

On page 39, Kathy is told, "[Y]ou read too many Nancy Drew mysteries when you were growing up."

Fortunately, this book is better than the previous two titles.

Just like the Twilight Where Dark Begins series, the Dark Forces series declined towards the end of its run.

I overall greatly enjoyed the Dark Forces series.

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