Sunday, November 6, 2016

Twilight Darkness #10 Avenging Spirit, #11 Nightmare Lake, and #12 Twisted Room

In Twilight Darkness #10, The Avenging Spirit, strange accidents happen at Thunder Rock. Christina finds herself drawn to Thunder Rock, where she is nearly killed.  Christina soon realizes that a restless spirit will never be at rest until he takes revenge on the descendant of the person who wronged him.

I overall enjoyed this book, but I consider it below average as compared to the rest of the set.

In Twilight Darkness #11, Nightmare Lake, Burt and Sammi vacation at a lake when Sammi discovers a skeleton in the woods.  Their dog jostles a stick of wood loose from the skeleton, and later, the young people learn that the skeleton was a vampire.  The removal of the wood has brought the vampire back to life.  Burt and Sammi are thrust into a nightmare as they try to avoid being bitten by vampires.

This is overall a very good book up until the end. Unfortunately, the ending ruins the story.  Since I know how the story ends, I will never be able to read and enjoy this book again.  I closed the book feeling quite disgusted.  I won't state what happens, but if you don't mind being spoiled which will result in you not being able to enjoy this book, read "Cliches to Avoid: 4 Story Endings Your Readers Will Hate."  It is the second ending listed on the page.  Ugh.  I can't stand it when authors do that.

In Twilight Darkness #12, The Twisted Room, Lisa goes to live with Great-Aunt Nikki, who is a recluse who is stuck in the past.  Lisa sees a girl beckoning to her from the window next door and goes to visit her.  Marie invites Lisa to a party... a party that was held on June 10, 1944.  Lisa is pulled between past and present by Marie, and almost too late Lisa realizes that Marie is using her to change history.

I learned something new when I read this book. On page 127, Aunt Jenny (Great-Aunt Nikki) tells Lisa that many years ago margarine was white and used to come in a clear bag with a capsule of yellow dye.  They would break the capsule and knead the bag until the margarine turned yellow. Even my parents had never heard of the yellow dye, since they were young children when restrictions on margarine were lifted.  I found this very interesting.  Read this page for more information.

This book is quite disjointed during the opening chapters.  The back cover summary is also confusing, since the summary makes it sound like Marie is the protagonist when she is instead the evil spirit. By halfway through the book when the plot begins to make sense, the story becomes quite interesting and compelling.

The first half of the book is confusing and a bit depressing, and the second half of the book is excellent.

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