Monday, September 12, 2016

The New Hardy Boys Web Series

First imagine these two guys, the infamous Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers.

Notice how stupid they look.  Now imagine the two dorks dressed exactly like this.

This is what happens.

You get the "New Hardy Boys," a parody web series featuring Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. The web series can be seen on YouTube.

The New Hardy Boys on YouTube

Fair warning, some Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys fans will not like the videos.  These are videos with adult humor and crude language, and both Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys are depicted in a negative fashion.  But for fans who can appreciate a good parody, the web series is brilliant and great fun.

The web series plays off of the public's perception of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. Nancy Drew is that annoying person who gets credit for solving all the mysteries. Consider that the titles of all the books featuring the sleuths solving cases together have always been "Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys," not "The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew."  Nancy Drew has always received more credit.  As for the Hardy Boys, they are inept and hopeless, dressed just like the 1959 cover of The Tower Treasure.  The boys look like perfect little goody-goodies, but their behavior is the opposite.

I particularly love the videos since I recently read the Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers series. I see the videos as depicting the Undercover Brothers come to life and dressed like they are stuck in 1959.  The Undercover Brothers are idiots, just as the Hardy Boys are in this web series.  I love it.

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Zackary Ogle said...

Hey! Thanks for the shout out! So glad you like the series :D

-Zack (aka Joe)

New Hardy Boys said...

Thanks for the shout out!! Glad you like the series :)

-Frank and Joe