Friday, September 30, 2016

Hardy Boys Adventures #9 Curse of the Ancient Emerald and #10 Tunnel of Secrets

In Hardy Boys Adventures #9, The Curse of the Ancient Emerald, the Phantom, a man once brought to justice by Fenton Hardy, is back to his old tricks.  The Phantom is believed to be responsible for a string of robberies.  He sends clues to Frank and Joe, daring them to try to stop him.

This is a very good mystery.   There is more than one suspect, and it's not apparent who is guilty.  Frank and Joe suspect several different people at various points in the story. I couldn't decide for sure who was guilty.  The book even has a few twists.

This is an excellent book, and I greatly enjoyed it.

In Hardy Boys Adventures #10, Tunnel of Secrets, a sinkhole opens up in the center of Bayport, swallowing up an large statue of Admiral James T. Bryant, one of the founders of Bayport.  Frank and Joe learn of a hidden treasure, and their search takes them into the tunnels underneath Bayport, where they make an astonishing discovery.

Parts of this book read like a young adult dystopian novel.

This is an excellent story.  It has the same tone as the first four books in the series.  I like the undercurrent of tension that runs through those books and this one, like evil is lurking somewhere near and could strike at any time.

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