Monday, August 31, 2015

Brad Forrest #6 Yucatan Adventure and #7 Halifax Adventure

In Brad Forrest #6, Yucatan Adventure, Brad is invited to stay at Jose Hernandez's plantation in the Yucatan.  The boys learn that Mr. Hernandez is having trouble with the natives, caused by the bandit, El Peso.  Brad and Jose help search for El Peso before Mr. Hernandez loses the plantation.

This book opens with a lengthy hockey game that I found rather boring.  This is the first book, and I believe the only one in the series, where Brad is actually briefly at the University of Toronto.  

On page 11, we learn that Frank Dawson is missing in the Yucatan.  The problem is that the reader hasn't learned who Frank Dawson is.  These books are so fast and short that they leave out details that should have been present.  We finally learn about Frank Dawson later in the book.  After all, when a person is said to be missing, that person will always be found later and will be quite important to the plot of the book.

Brad, his friends, and the criminals all carry machine guns.  Yes, machine guns.  These guys don't mess around.

The boys find diving equipment complete with air tanks hidden underwater by the villains.  The boys wish to explore the underground river, so they use the equipment!  In other series books, diving safety is emphasized, and I can't imagine using someone's equipment without knowing how well it works!  They assume the tanks are full, even though the tanks were found underwater in the middle of the jungle.  Speaking of which, how do the villains get their tanks filled again while in the jungle?  It doesn't make any sense!

On page 125 while using the diving equipment Brad "hoped the oxygen tanks were filled right to the top."  Diving safety, Brad!  You missed your lessons!

I greatly enjoyed this book.

In Brad Forrest #7, Halifax Adventure, Brad is assigned to Halifax by the newspaper to cover a search for treasure on Oak Island.  Someone is messing about the dig site, and Brad searches for the culprit.

This is the first book where Brad actually does newspaper work.  The premise of this series is that Brad is a student at the University of Toronto who also works on his father newspaper.  It's funny that Brad doesn't appear at the university until the sixth book or work for the newspaper until the seventh book.

Brad is knocked out and on page 70, Brad comes to quickly because of his "perfect health."  I don't think one's health would be the reason why someone comes to quickly.

I enjoyed this book.

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