Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Brad Forrest #4 Calgary Adventure and #5 New York Adventure

In Brad Forrest #4, Calgary Adventure, Brad travels to Calgary to stay at Uncle Pete Smart's ranch with his cousin, John Smart.  Brad and John's friend, James, also travels to Calgary in search of the Abominable Snowman.  At the ranch, Brad learns that the ranch has had trouble with the cattle getting disturbed at night.  Several odd incidents occur soon after Brad arrives.

This is a very good book.  I like it the best of the four I have read so far.  While some things don't completely make sense, nothing comes across as wacky like in the other books.  The idea of searching for the Abominable Snowman may seem silly, but I found it plausible.  Jason is searching for evidence of the snowman because he is writing his doctoral thesis on the legend of the snowman.  Now that is an odd idea for a thesis, but if the reader accepts that idea, then it makes sense for James to research the snowman and look for evidence of it near Calgary. 

I enjoyed this book as much as I did the better Biff Brewster books.

In Brad Forrest #5, New York Adventure, Brad encounters adventure while on the train to New York.  An importer gives Brad a notecase and tells him that another man is after him.  When Brad arrives in New York, he learns that the importer might not have been telling him the truth.  Brad finds himself in the middle of various operatives of a smuggling ring.

On page 38, Mr. Forrest expresses concern for Brad's safety.  This is interesting, since Mr. Forrest has not been at all worried about Brad's safety in the previous books, despite how dangerous Brad's adventures are.

On page 144, Brad must swim 14 miles to shore, and the reader is told that "the few miles to shore should be nothing for him."  Brad must be quite an athlete.

This book is a little wacky but is approximately as good as the average Biff Brewster book.  I enjoyed the story.

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