Saturday, July 25, 2015

Tom Quest #5 Hidden Stone and #6 Thunder Mountain

In Tom Quest #5, The Hidden Stone Mystery, Hamilton Quest has been accused of fraud!  Quest identified the Mandan stone as genuine, but experts have proclaimed that he was mistaken.  At stake are the minerals rights to a parcel of Mandan land.

On page 10, we learn that about a year has passed since Hamilton Quest returned from staying with the Mandan Indians.  This means that more than one year has passed since the early books in this series, yet Tom is still 17 years old.

In Tom Quest #6, The Secret of Thunder Mountain, Tom and Whiz stay with Gulliver on his ranch in Texas.  Tom found some strange rocks on nearby Thunder Mountain, but the rocks disappeared.  Soon, Tom learns that the rocks are important, and he is determined to find out more.

The meals are described in great detail in the Tom Quest books.  A particularly yummy meal is described on page 49.  The meal includes roast beef, smoked ham, turkey breast, homemade bread, strawberries and cream, milk, cold beans, apple sauce, jams, jellies, condiments, and an apple pie.  Gulliver declares that the meal is just a "snack."

The books are approximately 180 pages beginning with this title.  The first five books are over 200 pages.

I enjoyed learning about Gulliver's ranch and getting to know more about Gulliver, although I prefer the exotic locations.

I greatly enjoyed both of these books.

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