Tuesday, July 14, 2015

An Introduction to Brad Forrest

I decided to collect the Brad Forrest series after reading a few positive reviews.  The series was published in Canada, and Brad Forrest is a Canadian.  The series consists of eight titles.

I read the first book, Brad Forrest's Hong Kong Adventure, which is a mess.  Undaunted, I read the second book, Brad Forrest's Los Angeles Adventure, which is better but not that good.  The first two books are overall so bad that they are almost good in the sense that they are good for laughs.  The books remind me of some of the more ridiculous of Nancy Drew #41 through #56, which means that they provide great material for blog reviews.

So this is Brad Forrest, eh?  Still undaunted, I was determined to read all eight of them, whether good, bad, or ugly.  I kept reading and was delighted as the books get much better starting with the third book.  In fact, #3 through #7 range from pretty good to excellent.  Unfortunately, #8 is not as good, ranking somewhere between #1 and #2 in its mediocrity.  The series starts bad and ends kind of bad, but the middle part is great.

If you want to try Brad Forrest to see if you would like this series, try any of volumes three through seven.  The series does not have to be read in order.  While the books all provide a brief statement near the beginning alluding to a previous adventure, each story stands alone and has nothing to do with any previous adventures.

If you live in the United States, you will in most cases have to purchase the books internationally, which will add to the cost of each book.  The books were published in Canada and in the United Kingdom.

I decided to put up a page for the Brad Forrest series, but only after I read up through volume four.  These days, I will only put up a page if I like a series enough to do so.  I didn't like the first two books, and if all eight had been like those books, I wouldn't have bothered.

Brad Forrest Adventure Series

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