Saturday, June 27, 2015

Nancy Drew Game: Sea of Darkness

The 32nd title in the Nancy Drew game series by Her Interactive, Sea of Darkness, was released in May.

I had trouble getting into Sea of Darkness.  The beginning seemed boring to me.  Nancy arrives in Iceland rather abruptly, and I had no reason to care about Captain Magnus.  He was missing, and Nancy was supposed to find him.

In the early part of the game, I did not enjoy talking to the characters.  I did not like the setting.  I played a little bit of the game, then I continued reading Biff Brewster.  The last few Biff Brewster books were not as enjoyable as the earlier ones, but I was more interested in reading them than in playing this game.  That's not typical for me when I have a new Nancy Drew game.

It was a week after I received the game and had started playing it again that I finally got far enough into the game to find it somewhat interesting.  At this point, I reflected that my lack of interest reminded me of how I felt about Trail of the Twister, which may be my least favorite Nancy Drew game.

The more I played, the more I enjoyed the game.  I did enjoy the second half of the game about as much as the average Nancy Drew game.

I do believe that the main reason for my lack of interest was me and not anything to do with the game.  I was quite stressed around the time I received the game and was not feeling well.  I had mental and physical fatigue, so I was not able to appreciate the game.  That colored my opinion of the game as I began playing it.

However, the very beginning of the game could have been a little more interesting.  It would have helped for the game to have opened with a small scene showing Magnus before he disappeared and showing the ship's arrival at the dock. I felt a total disconnect with Magnus and cared not in the slightest whether Nancy Drew ever found him.

That aside, this game is just like the average Nancy Drew game.  Players can expect another solid Nancy Drew game experience.

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