Friday, June 5, 2015

Cherry Ames Hilton Hospital and Island Nurse

In Cherry Ames #20, Cherry Ames at Hilton Hospital, Cherry becomes a staff nurse at Hilton Hospital.  An amnesia patient arrives in the men's ward, and Cherry is assigned to his case.  Bob Smith cannot remember anything about himself, so Cherry and Dr. Hope work together to help Bob remember who he is.

The early part of this book reminded me of Nancy Drew #61, The Swami's Ring.  That book also deals with an amnesia case, and that book bores me.  Since I associated this Cherry Ames with a Nancy Drew book that I dislike, I immediately disliked this book.  I skimmed a lot of the first part of the book.  Finally, somewhere between pages 50 and 100, the book gradually began to interest me.  By page 100, I was thoroughly interested in the story and read the rest of the story very quickly.

I greatly enjoyed the second half of this book.

In Cherry Ames #21, Cherry Ames, Island Nurse, Cherry nurses Sir Ian Barclay, who suffers from a peptic ulcer.  Soon, Sir Ian must return to Balfour Island due to pressing business matters.  Cherry travels with him as his nurse.

This book is very slow to get started.  It takes 64 pages before Cherry arrives on the island.  I expected her to arrive a bit sooner, since this book is titled Cherry Ames, Island Nurse.  The island didn't seem much like an island to me.  Cherry stays in a mansion that is set right on the coast, and it doesn't matter much whether the mansion is on an island or not.

The plot of this book crawls slowly along.  I became more bored the more I read.  I skimmed a lot of this book, especially the last part.

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