Wednesday, December 31, 2014

German Three Investigators Vampire City, Arctic Adventure, and Bite of the Beast

In Vampire City, Justus, Peter, and Bob go on a camping trip.  They end up in Yonderwood, a town in which most of the houses are locked and empty.  The boys visit the drug store, where they meet Josy, who tells them that most of the residents of the town have moved away.  One by one, people woke up in the morning with bite marks on their necks, their pillows drenched in blood.  The residents fled, believing the town to be inhabited by vampires.  Intrigued, the boys decide to solve the mystery.

The book contains mild expletives.

The plot is creative, and I greatly enjoyed this book.  It is very good.

In Arctic Adventure, the Three Investigators are asked to find out who is sabotaging the Canadian sled race.  Several mushers have dropped out of the competition due to illness and accidents.

Peter asks what "mushers" and "dehydrated" mean.  He must have lost some brain cells.  The questions are apparently asked for the benefit of the German students who are reading the book to learn English, but they make Peter seem like an idiot.

This book introduces too many characters too fast.  I couldn't keep them straight, and to be honest, I didn't try.  This caused me not to enjoy the book very much.

In Bite of the Beast, the Three Investigators look into strange events at a museum.

This book didn't grab me, and I think it was because the mystery was too vague.

In this book, we learn that the Jonas salvage yard has a rival.  Imagine that:  rival junkyards.  The Jonas salvage yard is known as T. Jonas' Secondhand Center.  The rival junkyard is named T. Madsen's Secondhand Center.

The boys have to babysit, which results in this amusing scene from page 77.
"You've used almost half a tube of toothpaste!" Peter looks down at the white ring in the washbasin and the foam over Sammy's mouth.

"We're playing rabies!" says Jamie by way of defence.

"That was Bob's toothpaste, you know: he'll punish you when he finds out.
I was not aware that children play "rabies."  How funny!

This book contains mild expletives.

I enjoyed the part about the rival junkyards, but otherwise, I did not find this book very interesting.

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