Saturday, December 6, 2014

German Three Investigators Evil Games and Ghost Train

In Evil Games, Justus awakens locked inside a room with a young man he has never seen before.  Meanwhile, Peter wakes up in a room separate from Justus.  A woman is locked up with Peter.  Nobody can remember what happened. 

Bob returns from a trip and discovers that both Justus and Peter are missing.  Justus' aunt and uncle are frantic with worry.  Bob's friend, Jelena, helps him investigate.

This book contains mild expletives.

I wasn't sure about this book at the very beginning.  Justus and Peter are prisoners in separate locked rooms, and each of them is locked up with someone they don't know.  The opening scene reads like a dream.  I was skeptical about the book, because I dislike extended dream sequences.  I want to know what is really happening and consider dreams a waste of time.  As I continued to read, I gradually realized that the boys really were prisoners.

Bob's friend, Jelena, uses a wheelchair.  On pages 62 and 63, she creates a distraction so that Bob can escape from an apartment.
"And I'm here to collect signatures.  It certainly hasn't escaped you that the elevator in your building is in catastrophic condition.  For someone in a wheelchair it is next to impossible to enter without help from strangers.  The Society for the Elimination of Life-Impeding Injustices for the Physically Impaired Citizens of West Hollywood, abbreviated S.E.L.I.I.P.I.C.W.H., of which I am the chairman and only current member, has taken on the task of combatting [sic] these scandalous conditions.  You can become a member at no cost and in turn receive the society's quarterly newsletter.  However, a small donation would also assist the society.  The Elimination of Life-Impeding Injustices for the Physically Impaired Citizens of West Hollywood impacts everyone, you too."
On page 75, another book in the German Three Investigators series is mentioned, and this is one of the books that was translated into English.  After that book was mentioned, I began to realize part of what was going on in this book.  The tie-in is great.

Once I determined that Justus and Peter's imprisonment was real, I found this book to be fascinating and read it in less than one day.  The story is very suspenseful, and the book is outstanding.

In The Mystery of the Ghost Train, Justus, Peter, and Bob travel on an old train to the Harrowville Railroad Museum.  The museum has been plagued with problems and is closing.  The owner has offered to give Titus Jones first pick at purchasing the museum's items.  Uncle Titus is unable to make the trip, so the boys go in his place.

The boys' train ride is plagued with problems, and they discover firsthand that the train tunnel through the mountains is haunted.  The boys suspect that someone has forced the museum to close, and they plan to investigate.

This book contains mild expletives.

A boy who works as a conductor on the train is named Fred Jenkins.  This amused me, since I couldn't help thinking of Fred Jenkins from the Nancy Drew book, The Phantom of Pine Hill.

The boys use different colors of chalk in this book just like in the original series.

This book is very engaging.  Finding the treasure is important, because quite a few people need help.

This book is comparable to the original Three Investigators books, and is just like those books in atmosphere and story.  This book is outstanding.

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