Friday, July 18, 2014

The Three Investigators #9 Screaming Clock and #10 Moaning Cave

In the Three Investigators #9, The Mystery of the Screaming Clock, Jupiter becomes fascinated by a clock that shows up at the junkyard.  The clock screams instead of sounding an alarm.  Jupiter decides to figure out why the clock screams and from where the clock came.  Soon, the boys discover that the clock is the first clue in a series of clues.  Apparently the clues are very important, because some villains come after the boys, trying to steal the clues.

This is a story which has quite a few intriguing puzzles and riddles.  It's the type of mystery that makes the reader think along with the boys.

I have read nine of these books, and as I read this book, I finally wondered about school.  These boys don't go to school, yet they must.  High school is mentioned offhand in one book, but otherwise, the boys are never in school.  They must have a perpetual summer vacation!  How nice!

In the Three Investigators #10, The Mystery of the Moaning Cave, the boys stay at the Crooked-Y Ranch, which is located somewhere near the ocean in California.  The boys are intrigued by a moaning cave, which strangely stops moaning as soon as anyone ventures inside.  According to legend, the cave is haunted by a bandit known as El Diablo.

I was pleased with myself for guessing the identity of the villain well before the end of the book.  In fact, I had a suspicion from early in the story, because one comment that this person made sounded off to me, like this person was fishing for reasons to convince people that something was true.

I love the setting of this book.  I loved the book from start to finish.  It is outstanding!

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