Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Recent eBay Purchases Spring 2014

In January, I purchased a hardcover edition of Barbee Oliver Carleton's book, The Witches' Bridge.

The book is in rough shape and is a library discard.  The book is more commonly seen as a softcover edition titled The Mystery of the Witches' Bridge

In March, I acquired a hardcover library edition of Nancy Drew #151, The Chocolate-Covered Contest.  While not in the best shape, the book is a hardcover.  The hardcover books are quite difficult to find for most titles above #120. 

I purchased seven different French editions of the Nancy Drew Girl Detective books.  I like the cover art.

This next purchase is a recommended checklist of girls series books put out by the University of Minnesota.

The entire text of the book is available on the University of Minnesota website, and I have used their website for years.  Scroll on down the page to find the checklist of titles.  Unfortunately, they have a habit of moving the checklist around, which means that I have had to search for it at times.  I prefer having an actual hard copy of the information.  At least the information in my copy won't be moving around where I can't find it.

I purchased a likely first printing of the Dana Girls book, A Three-Cornered Mystery.

I am continuing my random quest to acquire Hardy Boys books with white spine dust jackets.  I am not looking for first printings.  Original jackets that are in at least the low-end of the condition I seek as well as a lower price are the key factors.

I also acquired these two Norwegian books.

The first book is the Nancy Drew book, The Spider Sapphire Mystery.  The second book is the Dana Girls book, The Secret of the Jade Ring.

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