Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Nancy Drew Girl Detective #5 Lights, Camera..., #6 Action!, and #7 Stolen Relic

In Nancy Drew Girl Detective #5, Lights, Camera..., a television movie is being filmed near River Heights.  The movie tells the story of the Great River Heist by the Rackham Gang, a heist which gave River Heights its name.  Someone is out to sabotage the film, and if the sabotage continues, then production may have to stop.  Nancy is asked to investigate.

This story has too much sabotage.  The book is overall interesting, but one event of sabotage after another continues to happen, chapter after chapter.  It's the same thing over and over again.

I dislike the title of the book, as well as the title of the following book.

In Nancy Drew Girl Detective #6, Action!, Nancy has agreed to play a role in a film being made in River Heights.  Unfortunately, Nancy has a severe case of stage fright and is convinced that she is awful, even though everyone else says that she is perfect.  Nancy also has a minor mystery to solve, and quite unexpectedly, she solves the mystery of the Great River Heist.

I was beginning to get bored by page 24.  Nancy is extremely worried about screwing up her part in the movie.  Nancy was not nearly this worried in the previous book, so the worry seems quite unnatural.  About all that develops in the first 24 pages is worry and more worry by Nancy Drew.  There is no sign of a mystery.  In fact, this story doesn't have much of a mystery at all.  In the end, Nancy solves the Great River Heist, but that happens only by accident. 

In Nancy Drew Girl Detective #7, The Stolen Relic, Nancy, Bess, George, and Ned travel to Utah on a vacation.  Soon after their arrival, a tour guide mysteriously disappears. 

This book reads exactly like a Nancy Drew Digest book that was changed to first-person.  It doesn't have the same feel as the first six books.  I strongly suspect that this story was a Nancy Drew Digest book that was never published.

First, Nancy is not a klutz in this book.  It's like she's back to the old Nancy Drew of the Digest series.  Furthermore, the word "fudged" appears on page 105.  This word shows up in the higher-numbered Nancy Drew Digest books, and I had not spotted it in a Girl Detective book until reading this book.  Finally, not a single one of the new River Heights Girl Detective characters are mentioned in this book.

The question and answer session with the villain was too long and detailed for my taste.  By then, I wanted the book to be over and felt like closing it and continuing to the next one.  I forced myself to finish, but I truly didn't care any longer.

This book comes across as an average higher-numbered Nancy Drew Digest book.

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