Monday, May 5, 2014

Nancy Drew Girl Detective #2 Race Against Time, #3 False Notes, and #4 High Risk

In Nancy Drew Girl Detective #2, A Race Against Time, Nancy, Bess, George, and Ned participate in a charity bike race.  Nancy's archenemy, Deirdre Shannon, is also racing.  Soon after the race begins, Nancy's team is sabotaged by Deirdre's team.  Nancy then drops out of the race after she learns that the money raised has been stolen. 

A location called Rocky Edge is mentioned a number of times.  It's just a place near the river, but it should be noted that this name is the same name as the estate in Nancy Drew #19, The Quest of the Missing Map.  Many of the Girl Detective books make references back to the original Nancy Drew Mystery Stories, so I doubt this is just a coincidence.

This book is very suspenseful, and I enjoyed it.

In Nancy Drew Girl Detective #3, False Notes, Nancy gets this crazy idea that Leslie Simmons, daughter of mayoral candidate Heather Simmons, is missing.  She notices that Leslie's parents are acting strange, and Leslie's mother is running for mayor.  Nancy assumes that Mrs. Simmons' opponent has abducted Leslie.  Nancy devotes all of her time to hunting for Leslie.

This book is strange because Nancy comes up with this wild theory that involves a possible abduction.  She has no evidence whatsoever, but off she goes.  We already know that Nancy will end up correct, but Nancy appears to be pursuing a nonexistent mystery for nearly the entire book.

While I enjoyed the book, my enjoyment would have been enhanced if Nancy had a more solid mystery to solve.  She seemed to be chasing around after nothing most of the time.

In Nancy Drew Girl Detective #4, High Risk, Nancy tries to save the home of Evaline Waters.  Ms. Waters' home is to be torn down to make way for a factory, because she can't prove ownership.  Evidence of the true ownership can be found in local historical documents, but someone has stolen the documents!

A subplot has Ned taking flying lessons, although he appears to be reluctant.  Nancy is so enthused by Ned's lessons that she also takes flying lessons and soon has more practice than Ned.  This causes Nancy to feel bad, worried that Ned will be angry with her.

I enjoyed this story.

While I don't have many comments about these three books, they fit in well with #1 Without a Trace and set up a nice continuity that I greatly enjoy.

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