Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Nancy Drew #75 Emerald-Eyed Cat and #76 Eskimo's Secret

In Nancy Drew #75, The Emerald-Eyed Cat Mystery, Carson Drew asks Nancy to help an old friend, Jules Johnson.  A ship carrying a valuable load of cargo for Johnson's textile company sank near Colombia.  Even though Johnson was reimbursed, the circumstances surrounding the ship's fate are suspicious.  When Nancy begins investigating, the Johnsons act like they don't want Nancy involved.  Soon after Nancy begins her investigation, she is abducted and flown to Colombia, where she is imprisoned on an estate.

The story interested me quickly because the Johnsons are cold and uninterested when Nancy questions them.  The behavior is most unusual, since Carson Drew is an old friend of the Johnsons. 

On page 32 of the Wanderer edition, Nancy decides to go to a hotel since "there was no flight to Bayport this late."  Now exactly why would Nancy want to Bayport, home of the Hardy Boys?  It seems that someone became confused momentarily about whether this was a Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys book.  A similar error occurred in the first printing of #67 The Sinister Omen.  Unlike in The Sinister Omen, the error in The Emerald-Eyed Cat was not corrected in later printings.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Emerald-Eyed Cat Mystery.

In Nancy Drew #76, The Eskimo's Secret, a valuable ivory carving, known as the tundra, has been stolen from a gallery.  The owner's niece, Alana, is missing.  The owner and his niece are both under suspicion for stealing the tundra.  Alana is an old friend of Nancy's, and Nancy is certain that she is innocent.

In many of these Wanderer Nancy Drew books, Nancy has some habits that I find extremely annoying.  Way too often, Nancy "swallowed hard," "swallowed a sigh," or "gulped."  Goodness.  Each time I read one of those passages, I quit reading and mimicked that action.  I don't do that when I'm nervous, so it seems foreign and strange to me. Swallowing hard and swallowing a sigh takes way too much effort, in my opinion. 

I overall enjoyed The Eskimo's Secret, although not as much as The Emerald-Eyed Cat.  At this point, the Wanderer Nancy Drew books are wearing on me, and I want to move past them into the Minstrel books.

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