Sunday, September 15, 2013

Nancy Drew #73 Enemy Match and #74 Mysterious Image

In Nancy Drew #73, Enemy Match, Nancy helps an old friend, Nina Ford, learn what happened to her father.  Mr. Ford was falsely accused of a crime, and while in police custody, he was swept away in a flood.  Since Mr. Ford's body was never found, he could possibly still be alive.  In this mystery, Nancy acquires her very own assistant, a young girl named Midge who regards Nancy as a hero.

This book caught my interest quickly.  The book begins with Nancy fighting back tears after she finishes Nina's moving letter about her father.  Soon after, Midge enters the story, insisting on becoming Nancy's assistant.  The book is quite different from other Nancy Drew mysteries, which makes it much more interesting.

Bess is the only friend present in this book, and her role is minor.  Nancy's new sidekick, Midge, shares Nancy's adventures throughout the entire book.  Nancy and Midge even stay in a motel together.  Unfortunately, Midge only appears in this book.  While having Midge in many Nancy Drew books might have grown old, I wish she had appeared in at least a few others.  Midge is a welcome change.

The action in this book centers around the river in which Mr. Ford was swept away.  Nancy and Midge rent a boat and travel along the river looking for clues.  They meet some disreputable people and encounter danger.  Since the mystery is solved in a localized area and involves much exploring, the book has the very type of mystery I enjoy the most.

Enemy Match is one of the very best Nancy Drew Wanderer books, and I highly recommend it.

In Nancy Drew #74, The Mysterious Image, Nancy is asked to find a missing actress, Clare Grant.  Meanwhile, Nancy's father asks for Nancy's assistance in clearing his client, photographer, Dallas Curry, from serious accusations that he copied other people's advertisements.

This book explores subliminal messages and how they can be used to influence others.  Nancy is even influenced to think badly of Dallas Curry.

Burt Eddleton is mentioned on page 153, so while Burt and Dave are gone, they are not yet completely forgotten.

I enjoyed The Mysterious Image, although not nearly as much as Enemy Match.

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