Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Upgrading My Adventure Girls Books

The seller of the Beverly Gray books also had the complete set of Adventure Girls books.  He mentioned the Adventure Girls books before my Beverly Gray package was shipped, but I waited until after I received the Beverly Gray books to indicate my interest.  The seller did not show the spines of any of the books in the photos, so I wanted to make sure that the books were in as good of condition as expected before I bought any additional books.

Since the Beverly Gray books met my expectations, I let the seller know I was interested and was able to purchase the Adventure Girls books on the day that they were listed.  These are the books that I purchased.

These books are in better shape than the ones I already had.  My books were not in very nice shape overall.  The following pictures are of the books that I will be selling as a result of this transaction.

It was neat being able to upgrade all of my early Beverly Gray books and my entire Adventure Girls set.

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