Monday, October 29, 2012

Another Interesting Package Situation

I sometimes have trouble with sellers making mistakes throughout every step of the transaction.  I have these problems because I often buy cheap lots of books on eBay that are not described well.  Those types of lots are often sold by sellers who are careless and do not package well.* 

One such package arrived recently.  I guess I should consider myself very lucky that the package arrived at all.  The problem is that the seller wrote the wrong house number on the address label.

At first, I thought that the package was delivered to the neighbor, who opened it and then gave it back to the carrier.  The package was opened, at least partially, from the right edge.  Apparently, what actually happened is that the carrier recognized my name and determined that the package had the wrong house number on it.  He verified that the package was mine and left it at my house instead.  At least the carrier was paying attention and noticed that the name did not match the house number.

Since the box was smashed, I knew before opening this package that I should document it with photos.

Also make note that the seller was careful to make certain that everyone who saw the box knew that it contained Nancy Drew books. I think that was a nice touch.

I opened the package and was not surprised at what I discovered.

The package contained nothing to pad the books, which is why the box ended up smashed.  Also interesting is how often I open these types of packages and the books are upside down with respect to the direction of the address label.  I flipped the remaining photos over to make your viewing of them easier.

The Hidden Staircase dust jacket was folded under at one corner and loose in the box.  Why wasn't it on the book?  Why do I even ask?

I hope you enjoyed reading about this package situation.

*Note to my sensitive readers:  I am not stating that all sellers of cheap books are careless, just that some of them are.


Wendy L. Callahan said...

Wow. I've been so fortunate that anyone from whom I purchased Nancy Drew books has been extremely careful with the packaging. Some folks out there really don't pay attention or care.

permacrisis said...

I'm fairly certain that the reason why the box said 'Nancy Drew Books' all over it is because that is the very box that was in the attic estate, probably last handled in the 1970's, and the original packer never intended it to be shipped- indeed, that packer is probably dead. All your shipper did was run 1 strip of tape and slap a label on it.

L E Hartter said...

I will take a picture, before I unwrap the last two books, of the shipment that came to me yesterday. I bought several individual books from one seller, with the YSPC Book Club editions that were reasonable. The condition of some of the books is pretty darn good for BCE and cheaper than some other sellers. . . in any regard, I'll send you some pics via e-mail. Each book was individually wrapped in bubble wrap, and the box had extra bubble wrap and crumpled paper so that the books didn't shift at all! Perfect packaging for a media mail package. No damage at all! Wish all sellers were so careful. I've had bumped corners, and even a jacket that got torn during packaging!