Sunday, July 15, 2012

Book Finds + Nancy Drew Blackwood Hall First Revised Text

These books were purchased in the last week in several different places.

Mystery of the Tolling Bell is the first printing of the revised text from 1973.   

The Thirteenth Pearl is the second printing with Triple Hoax in italics.  Thirteenth Pearl is always in demand and a good seller, but I am able to find at least one or two copies locally per year.  The book is out there waiting to be found.  

The most significant find was The Ghost of Blackwood Hall.  I initially selected it because I find that the original text and cover art is always in demand.  I have trouble keeping it in stock on Bonanza.  The book was priced at $2.49, and then I reconsidered since the book has some wear and tear.  It had a green star on the bottom spine which was covered with clear tape.  I inspected the book to see whether I should put it back, which was when I noticed the black and white multi I endpapers.

Now that wasn't right.

The book normally has blue multi endpapers.  I checked the copyright page, determining that the book has the 1967 text.  I then realized that I had just found the first printing of the revised text, which pairs the 1967 text with the original Tandy cover art.  I also was pretty sure that this was one of the first revised text printings that I did not already have, although I would not know for sure until arriving home.  After I arrived home, I verified that I did not already have this printing.  Yay!

Since I was keeping the book, I used lighter fluid to loosen the adhesive on the tape at the bottom spine.  I was able to remove the green star and tape as well as the price sticker of $2.49 from the front cover.  The main flaw that this book has is the black marker used to write a name inside the book.  Otherwise, the book is in pretty good shape.  Sure, I wouldn't mind one with less wear and without the black marker, but I am quite satisfied with the condition of this book.

This is one of those printings which is more likely a variant.  The bindery probably ran out of original texts before running out of the Tandy cover art.  This means that the remaining Tandy covers were used for the new 1967 revised text.*

I am not sure of the exact scarcity of the first revised text printing, but it seems to be harder to find than the "man with pipe" Broken Locket cover art that is paired with the 1965 text.  I welcome any thoughts you have on the scarcity of Blackwood Hall with the Tandy art and 1967 text.  I have never tried hard to find this variant, but at the same time, I know I would have spotted it if it had passed through my hands.  I have had quite a few extras of the Tandy cover art, and this is the first one that I have spotted with the revised text.

How many of you have managed to find a Blackwood Hall book with the Tandy art and 1967 text?
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*Upon examining Farah's Guide, I found that it renders my statement about the bindery running out of Tandy cover art to be false.  Farah's Guide seems to show two printings of the Tandy art with the 1967 text.  However, if that is what Farah means, the printings listed in the guide do not quite make sense.

note: introduction of the 1967 text

note: introduction of the second cover art

I have highlighted the parts that bother me.  I don't even know where in Farah's Guide that the print designation for the picture cover books is explained.  The print designation is explained for the dust jackets, but the picture covers are not listed in the same fashion.  By comparing volume to volume, I can conclude that "1" must mean first cover art and that "2" must mean second cover art.  Some books have a "3" for the third cover art, and the number changes in Farah's Guide when the cover art changes.  At least, the number changes for volumes other than Blackwood Hall.  Here, the number does not change at the right time.

Since 1967A-31 has the first art, then 1967B-32 must also have the first art.  This is because 1967B-33 is the introduction of the second art.  Except, the 1967B-32 listing has a "2" which means second art.  Does the 1967B-32 printing exist, or is it listed in error?  If the listing is not in error, then the "2" needs to change to a "1,"  and my statement about leftover Tandy covers is false.  If the entire 1967B-32 printing is an error, then my statement about leftover Tandy covers being used is valid.

I also notice that both 1967B-32 and 1967B-33 are a "B" printing.  The letters denote which time of year the printing occurred, but normally when a year has multiple printings listed, Farah's Guide does not use the same letter for more than one of them.  This is another indication that the 1967B-32 printing might be an error.  If the 1967B-32 printing is not an error, then the 1967B-33 printing should be denoted as 1967C-33.

Does anybody have a Blackwood Hall book with the Tandy art and the revised text that actually lists to Crossword Cipher on the back cover instead of to Pine Hill?


Here is a scan of the frontispieces for the 1967A-31 (left) and 1967B-33 (right) books.  Click on the image to see a larger version.  Please read the comments for an explanation.


Mike G said...

Jennifer - Again, just wanted to mention how much I enjoy your blogs. I have both Ghosts. The first, lists to Phantom and has Tandy artwork with revised text (Farah 1967A-31) and the second is also Tandy with revised text but lists to Crossword Cipher (Farah 1967B-32). Of minor note is that for the Phantom listing book, the frontispiece picture is somewhat distorted; probably issues with the printing process, but the Crossword edition has a very clean looking frontispiece. Is your book's frontispiece picture distorted??


Jennifer said...

Thanks for confirming that both versions exist.

I checked the frontispiece of the 1967A-31 against the frontispiece of the 1967B-33, introduction of the 1967 cover art, and I do see that the 1967A-31 frontispiece is not printed well. The caption at the bottom is slightly wavy. The image seems to have dark blotches in places. The other frontispiece is printed as normal. I am going to add a scan of the two frontispieces to the end of this post so that others can see. I'm glad you mentioned it.

Paula said...

I have the 1st printing of the revised text with the Tandy artwork and listing to Pine Hill.