Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Poll on Nancy Drew Brass Bound Trunk

I have a poll concerning the first printing of the revised text of the Nancy Drew book The Mystery of the Brass Bound Trunk. The book has this cover art and is copyright 1976.

The back cover and order form list to The Sky Phantom. It seems that many of us have been unable to locate this printing, so I'm curious as to whether any of you own the first printing of the 1976 revised text.


Robert said...

My copy lists to "The Strange Message In The Parchment" on the order form, and has an ad for The Nancy Drew Cookbook on the back cover. I'm guessing this is the more common edition?

Jennifer said...

The one listing to Parchment is pretty common. I just found yet another one listing to Parchment in a lot I received on Monday. I have also had several examples of the one with the cookbook ad on the back cover pass through my hands.

seriouslybookin said...

Not a big deal. In fact I have two (with apparently slightly different colors on the cover. Someday I may go through and see if I can figure out which one is earlier.)

Jennifer said...

Exactly what are you saying you have? The use of more words can sometimes be helpful in making one's meaning clear.

If you do have two that list to Sky Phantom, I am surprised that you act like it means nothing. You should be very proud to have two examples of such a scarce book!

seriouslybookin said...

I have two copies of Brass Bound Trunk listing to Sky Phantom on the back cover.

The cover colors are very different, somewhat like the differences on the two versions of Crocodile Island that list to itself. I want to go through each page at some point and try to figure out which one came out earlier.

I'm not sure what the fuss is all about. Farah values it at $12. Perhaps I'll put one on ebay and see what happens.

Jennifer said...

I think you'll find that it is worth just a tiny bit more than $12. ;) I've been in the same position you are in with respect to books in the past. Sometimes I have had two copies of something and think as a result that it is easy to find. I later discover that the book is not easy for anyone else to find and worth much more.

The reason I am making a fuss over this is that I have had one collector ask me over and over about this book, thinking I might have one for sale. Two other collectors began wondering about the scarcity. The best way to get a feel is to ask everyone about it.

When I last checked my poll, 13 people said that they did not have it and none did. On the Sleuths group, not one person said that they have it. You are the only person so far to admit to having it. Does that not make it seem like it might be just a tiny bit scarce?