Saturday, September 3, 2011

Finding More Good Books

You will recall that last week I purchased a bunch of early and first printing Hardy Boys picture cover books. I decided to check that same book store again today. I had a suspicion that not all of the books had been put out last week. I was right.

I found the $1 box editions of the Hardy Boys Skeleton Rock and Nancy Drew Fire Dragon. Fire Dragon lists to Dancing Puppet on the inside, which matches the book mentioned here. Fire Dragon is the second $1 box printing, which is currently not mentioned in Farah's Guide. Several more have surfaced since that blog post.

Witch Tree Symbol is the first printing book and jacket. Circle of Footprints is a tweed book with dust jacket. Scarlet Slipper and Golden Pavilion are first picture cover printings and are in really nice shape, as are most of the books. Scarlet Slipper and Golden Pavilion are in slightly better shape than the books in my collection, so I will be keeping them.

99 Steps is the first printing. The remaining five Nancy Drew books are early picture cover books that list either to Pine Hill or to Whistling Bagpipes. This is a very nice group of books.

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Paula said...

Wow, Jennifer! More amazingly nice finds! I can't imagine finding anything that wonderful in the used book shops around here!