Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Tapestry Series Part 2

The first book in the Tapestry series comes across as a Harry Potter wannabe, with many parts of the Harry Potter premise present. This includes the village near the school where the children go on outings. The author was clearly trying to create his own series based on the Harry Potter series.

With the second and third books, the author takes the series in a different direction. Unlike other series in which good battles evil and wins, in this series, evil wins and gains complete control.

I found the journey fascinating. The modern world regresses back into a more primitive world, and a new world order governed by demons emerges. The content of this series is very dark.

While the reading level is for ages 9 through 12, the content is more appropriate for young adults. The Harry Potter series is very dark at times, which made it unsuitable for more sensitive children. This series is darker than Harry Potter. For instance, one of the primary characters summons demons in order to gain information from them.

The series will consist of four volumes, three of which have already been published. The final volume will be published sometime in 2012. In my previous entry, I remarked that I was bored during parts of the first book. The first book primarily sets the stage for the story that unfolds during the second and third books. The second and third books are quite good. I have greatly enjoyed the Tapestry series, and I hope that the final book lives up to my expectations.

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