Saturday, August 6, 2011

Popular Blog Topics Poll Results

I ran a poll asking you which blog topics you enjoy the most. 30 people answered the poll, although I have far more than 30 people who follow this blog. I am assuming that the 30 people who answered the poll represent the core group of readers who check the blog more regularly than others. For this core group of readers, the results came out about the way I expected.

Ceramic Christmas trees is the least popular topic followed by reviews of modern series, reviews of Nancy Drew games, Bonanza, and library editions. I am encouraged to know that none of the topics are boring everyone.

The most popular topic is reviews of old girls' series, which is not surprising considering the title of this blog. Other favorite topics are scarcity of series books, popularity of different series, unusual collectible items, and the various Nancy Drew topics. It is also not surprising that the Nancy Drew topics are favored; after all, I write more about Nancy Drew than any other series.

Let's take the bigger picture. Some blog posts which are of little interest to the core readers of this blog bring the most traffic to this blog. The following image shows which posts received the most traffic over the last six months. Remember that you can click on an image to see a larger version.

Notice that the posts about Percy Jackson and Rick Riordan are heavily viewed. These fall under modern series, which are of little interest to core readers of this blog. One of my most popular posts is the one I wrote on the System Tool 2011 rogue antivirus program, and that post is only of interest if you become a victim. I made sure to link to it here so that all of the people trying to find information on System Tool 2011 will find the right post.

My reviews of the Nancy Drew games are also heavily viewed. My post on Shadow at the Water's Edge is in particular heavily viewed because I mentioned a glitch. Many people find that post because they are trying to figure out how to get past the glitch.

Many of my posts on various eBay topics are heavily viewed, usually because of people trying to find out what to do when something goes wrong in a transaction.

You can look on the right side of this blog to see a list of popular blog posts. I believe that list is for the last 30 days. I often see Percy Jackson and Rick Riordan at the top of the list.

I have several blog readers who are people trying to build a following for their off-eBay business. I want to make a few points on that topic. A wide variety of topics brings traffic to a blog. A core topic is important, but at the same time, posts about transaction problems can bring many people to the blog.

Some people dislike eBay so much that they misspell the name on purpose (FeeBay, GreedBay, etc.) so that Google has fewer results that mention eBay. Not me. By spelling the name correctly, I bring more people to this blog, and those people might learn about Bonanza and my Jennifer's Series Books booth. And of course, I added the links to Bonanza on purpose.

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Crystal Blue Attitude said...

Definitely interesting results, Jennifer. Your blog is the perfect example of how to build a blog to bring traffic to your ecommerce site. Very nicely done.