Saturday, July 23, 2011

Nancy Drew Game: The Captive Curse

Her Interactive's 24th Nancy Drew game, The Captive Curse, was released in June.  In this game, Nancy Drew travels to Germany, where a castle is terrorized by a monster.  As Nancy, the player is able to explore the castle, the dungeon, the courtyard, and the woods outside the castle.

I always play the games as a senior detective, since I am rather good at certain types of puzzles such as the sliding ones. Since I play as a senior detective, I always use spoilers to get through the puzzles that are not to my liking.

In this game, I only had to use spoilers a couple of times. This game is significantly easier than most of the Nancy Drew games, and for this reason, it is a good game to try for someone who has never played one of these games. For me, the game was too short and a bit disappointing. While many of the puzzles in the typical game can be quite annoying, I like to have at least a bit of a challenge.

I also did not like that Nancy is not able to explore some of the businesses and residences that open off of the courtyard. I hate having a doorway present with something behind it, and I never get to see what is there.

On the plus side, Nancy does not explore in third person. All of the action, such as exploring the woods, is in first person. The first person game play is a throwback to the older games and is preferred by many game players.

As always, I enjoyed the game but do not consider it one of my favorites.

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