Monday, June 6, 2011

Nicholas Flamel Series #5: The Warlock

This book was just released in late May. This review continues no spoilers and no plot information. After having read five books, I now consider the story to be as epic as Harry Potter, thus the importance of mentioning no plot details.

Right after I read the second Kane Chronicles book, I read the fourth installment in the Nicholas Flamel series, The Magician. I devoured the book in 24 hours. As with the previous book, I am eager to read the sixth and final story, The Enchantress, yet I will have to wait another year.

The Nicholas Flamel series includes a large number of historical figures as well as gods from all major mythologies. The series can be a bit confusing, particularly during the first couple of books. Each book in the series is more entertaining than the previous title, and the story continues to build.

Reading gets easier the further along one is in the series, since by books four and five, the reader is thoroughly familiar with the premise as well as the majority of the characters.

I thought the fourth book was outstanding, and the fifth book is just as good. At this point in the series, the reader is beginning to get an idea of how some of the plot will play out, but many questions remain. The fifth book ends with a major revelation in the final few sentences. The book ends abruptly with that cliffhanger, so the reader is left wanting more. That is what a really good story does.

I wanted to know about others' theories, so I searched for online discussions of the book. I found the Flamel's Secret forum, which is a site endorsed by the author, Michael Scott. I highly recommend this forum for fans of the series. Michael Scott is an active participant. He also posts a few messages in some of the fan discussions.

When I read some of the older threads, a certain theory was discussed. This theory shocked me, and I wondered if it would prove to be true. I wanted to find a certain passage in the fifth book in which a certain character was described. This is where I am fortunate that I decided to purchase the Kindle version for my iPad instead of the hardcover version.

I searched for a certain word and found the passage within a minute or so from the list of results. If I had purchased the hardcover, I probably would have spent at least 15 minutes trying to find the passage. Electronic texts have the distinct advantage of being searchable. How splendid!

I also am so intrigued by the series that I am now reading all five books again. Michael Scott has stated that all details are important to the plot and that nothing is coincidental. He has placed clues all through the books. Even a mundane detail such as a character's eye color is important! I am currently up to the third book in my second reading, and I have spotted many clues to future events.

I highly recommend this series. At this point in the progression, fans have just as many questions about the role of certain characters as Harry Potter fans did about those characters. The anticipation and speculation is most of the fun!


stratomiker said...

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Jennifer White said...

That is interesting. I had noticed that recently when I mailed a package via first class international that a barcode was added to the package. Since I only have to pay for the first class international packages at the counter, I was not aware that barcodes are now being added to all packages.

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