Thursday, March 25, 2010

Which Is More Common?

Is the Nancy Drew Format 12 book with Dana Girls endpapers...

more or less common than the Nancy Drew Format 12 book with orange silhouette endpapers?

Both are mentioned in Farah's Guide as variations of Format 12, which normally has blue silhouette endpapers. People make such a big deal about the Dana Girls endpapers that the Dana Girls endpapers seem more common.

What do you think?

Until I found this book, I had forgotten that Format 12 can have orange silhouette endpapers. Nobody ever mentions it.

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Jenn Fisher said...

I have one example of the orange but more often notice the Danas probably since most sellers highlight those and probably don't think to do that with the orange since many don't realize that those in this combination are also unusual. And a lot of sellers tend to not list the endpapers nor picture them, so spotting them offhand is harder.